Sunday, November 1, 2009


I am contemplating going back to school. Eventually my beloved would like to change jobs and do something totally different - perhaps becoming a banjo maker in the hills of Tennessee.  Which raises the inconvenient question of income, because apparently apprentice banjo makers only pull in five or six figure salaries if you count the numbers after the decimal.

So I'm thinking about re-upping my teaching certificate, long lapsed.  I'm in the process of learning Braille, which I started learning for the fun of it, as I'm a language geek.  Then the other day my friend Karen told me that there are grants that could pay for a masters' degree in Special Ed. working with children who are blind or have low vision.  And not just teaching, which I love doing, but also working out mobility and orientation issues.  Which would be kinda cool to do.

So I'm embarking on some praying and some research.  Finding out what jobs might be available, where I could do student teaching, etc.  I found a couple of universities which have the program online and could arrange local student teaching.  As I tend to move at glacial speeds, I'm pretty sure that next week will still find me in research mode. So no banjo making just yet.

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