Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Minnesota - Seven Quick Takes

Lake Vermilion

1. Cabins in Minnesota do not have air conditioning. In late July or August, when the temperature hits the 80 degree mark, they smell exactly like saunas and are just as hot. Fans are of little help.

2. The restaurants in northern Minnesota have the best blue cheese dressing. Which makes up, a bit, for the aforementioned lack of air conditioning.

3. Ice cream cones come with three scoops. If you ask for a single scoop, you get a raised eyebrow and at least two scoops. Minnesotans take their daily calcium requirements very seriously.

4. Minnesota politics is interesting. It is the land of Jesse Ventura and Al Franken.

5. One of the local restaurants served Tilapia instead of Walleye at its Friday Night Fish Fry. Won't be going there again for that. Tilapia. Really?

6. The Chocolate Moose in Ely is where it's at. Trust me on this one.

7.  Despite what the state website may say, the mosquito is Minnesota's state bird, not the loon. Vying for second place are the horse fly and the deer fly. Bring bug repellent with 100% Deet.  Spray the cabin, the boat, your clothes, your life jacket, even your fishing pole. Bring several cans. You can also spray the bugs themselves - you will come to hate them that much. Just sayin'.

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